Models of sliding systems

ALU sliding systems

The attitude of the PVC Jankovic staff is that when choosing sliding systems, the right solution is the only one that satisfies both aesthetic and functional requirements. In addition to the fact that these systems affect the overall visual impression, they have a great impact and ultimate comfort in everyday use. Guided by this PVC Jankovic has chosen Elvial sliding systems, whose model EL 6400 represents the perfect way to completely diffuse light. The small functional dimensions of this profile allow light to enter the space in a natural and unconstrained way.

It is important to point out that the model EL 6400 Multilock is:

  • a stable system, elegant and economic
  • ideal for large openings (up to 4m opening)
  • includes lifting and sliding mechanisms (max. door leaf load capacity up to 90 and 150kg)
  • has improved thermal insulation
  • includes a specially gaskets and weatherstrippings for "remove" doors, hooks and hooks for double frames
  • highly waterproof and air-permeable (EPDM rubber seal)
  • very safe (optional anti-lift mechanism at the top of the leaf)
  • thanks to stainless steel strips, the leaves move particularly smoothly
  • available only in straight lines

EL 6400 Multilock

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PVC sliding systems

The idea of ​​the company PVC Janković is to provide its clients with the opportunity to meet the needs according to their capabilities and budget. The only thing we do not compromise is the quality of our products and services. In the full spectrum of our portfolio you will find high performance products that safely and efficiently fulfill your basic and aesthetic function. This, of course, also applies to our PVC sliding systems that will not drastically burden your home budget, and will make everyday light diffusion in your home natural and light.

If you want to have another room in your home or make it even more comfortable, the glittering of the room is the right choice. Our PVC Sliding Door and Sliding Sliding Doors are the perfect solution to maximize your personal space and to minimize obstacles between internal and external spaces. There are a number of options to open.

We use proven PVC profiles of our associates and friends Gealan or Trocal.

PVC Janković does not sell expensive yet genuine products.