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ALU windows

In the 21st century people legitimately expect more than just satisfying basic living needs. Trends in architecture and interior design reflect the full range of options that a customer has at their disposal. ALU windows by PVC Jankovic represent just one of these choices. Not only is the basic function of the product fulfilled in the most effective way, but also the high demands of aesthetics, supreme quality of materials, warmth of experience and naturalness are fully met.

Aluminum, as a material, with all its mechanical properties, introduces components of the highest quality, comfort, agility of design and longevity. The strength and static power of aluminum provide innumerable possibilities for modifying and implementing a variety of ideas. Compared to any window that can be completely recycled, ALU windows represent a choice of a higher rank. Aluminum, as a fine material, brings with it the unique character of each end product.

If you want the highest quality windows made of exceptional materials, with huge personalisation capabilities (a whole range of available colours that are determined via RAL cards - the so-called plastic profiles of aluminum profiles), PVC Jankovic is the address where you will send your first, and probably your last query.

Alu With Thermal Break

In its product portfolio, PVC Jankovic also offers aluminum profiles with thermal break, made of hard polyvinyl chloride. The main advantage of this component is the efficient insulation of the profile that prevents the so-called "sweating" due to changes in weather conditions. Customers have at their disposal several thicknesses of thermal breaks ranging from 15 mm to 22 mm.

Also, "cold" aluminum profiles are available without thermal break.

Due to the lower level of insulation, PVC Jankovic jointers suggest the use of these profiles in the construction of interior elements such as partition doors, room doors, fixtures and partition walls.

For the superior quality of aluminum joinery, PVC Jankovic uses the profiles of the Greek supplier ELVIAL in two variants:

  • Profiles with thermal break of the series „ELVIAL 4600 - Multilock“
  • Profiles without thermal break of the series „ELVIAL 2000


The use of this profile brings with it a high quality, enviable thermal and sound insulation and attractive design. And besides meeting the strict technical requirements of top production, the following benefits are evident...


ELVIAL – Classic EL 2200

The main characteristic of this profile is a complete thermal insulation in all weather conditions. One thing is certain - you will effectively use heat energy in your home and unwanted noise will remain outside your personal space...


PVC windows

A house or a flat with bad windows can never be a warm home. In our practice we have encountered numerous situations where people have been living for years with very old windows that should have been replaced long ago or, even worse, with poorly-made and inefficient windows. For most users, PVC Jankovic certainly suggests its Gealan PVC windows. These windows will meet the needs of every common user in Serbia.

Our Gealan PVC windows will beautify your home and make it warmer. They are made of durable and stainless materials which does not contain lead. They are easy to maintain. It is upon you to provide plain soap and water, and longevity is guaranteed by PVC Jankovic. Subject to complete recycling, our windows do not cause a bad effect on the environment.

Show us trust. Let's draw the effective boundaries of your intimate, home-based space.

Why would you trust us?

Well… We have been doing this for ten years! Ask around and you will find many satisfied PVC Jankovic clients, your relatives, neighbours, colleagues and friends.

All our prices are customer -friendly! We will discuss together and agree. Our products are long-term solutions. We mentioned soap and water ... Otherwise, you will forget about the windows...

Have we made it clear how easy it is to maintain them?

Our PVC windows have thermal protection of a minimum value of 1.5 qmK and a noise protection value of 33-47 dB (up to SSK 5) which is a better insulation than wooden and ALU windows. Practically, your intimate space will be warmer and quieter. And the electricity bills will be lower!

We work in "thousand colours"! The Gealan colour palette is wide and colours are resistant to atmospheric influences and UV radiation. Finally, there is no silly, impossible or impossible requirement for us.

Talk to your friends. PVC Jankovic.

Gealan S 8000 IQ

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Gealan S 9000

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Trocal 70 mm (standard)

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