Why PVC Jankovic

PVC Jankovic Company is the best example of how a family business in Serbia can be developed and made sustainable. When ten years ago we “started from scratch", we set a goal to, one day in the future, deliver PVC and ALU joinery to satisfied customers, our neighbours, fellow citizens, friends and to be rewarded for business success and reputation. On that day, we established that quality, precision, fair business and a friendly relationship will be the values on which we will build everything. Ten years later, PVC Jankovic Company is a respected family company with carefully selected associates and a huge number of satisfied customers. Nowadays, PVC Jankovic is doing business with its friends.

Without a break, we have kept our eyes open and our ears tuned to all the signals and market needs. It can be said that, nowadays, there is no demand for a customer in Serbia that we cannot meet.


In order to guarantee top quality services, we have carefully selected the network of our suppliers. Believing only in proven values and long-term relationships, we proudly emphasise that with our partners we have successfully delivered quality for many years. PVC profiles, mountings and fittings are supplied by German friends, Gealan and Sigenia. The proven German precision and quality of production are made complete by the glass of a local supplier, a company which operates in compliance with the same values as PVC Jankovic Company. ALU profiles arrive from Greek company Elvial, and the accompanying door and window fittings are Stublina.

PVC Jankovic Comapany, together with its partners, guarantees the excellence of every service provided and the product installed.

The village of Velisevac near Ljig is where Serbian hard work and domestic commitment meet with German quality and energy of the Mediterranean.

The headquarters of our family company PVC Jankovic is exactly here, in Velisevac.

Warranty And Quality

PVC Jankovic Company represents a symbol of tradition and quality.

We come to your place for free and take measures. Through a friendly conversation with our staff you will find the ideal solution for you.

PVC Jankovic offers affordable prices that include manufacturing, transportation and fitting of the joinery.

Joiners and installers working in PVC Jankovic are people you know and trust, your friends and neighbours.

We finish everything in the shortest time possible and we remove the remains of old joinery from your place.

Gallery of our workshop