Models of roller shutters

ALU roller shutters

PVC Jankovic team works hard to reconcile the warmth of traditional home aesthetics and the precision of state-of-the-art technological solutions. Innovative use of materials makes it possible to satisfy both the aesthetic and emotional preferences of the client and the most functional requirements of the modern home. An ideal example of successful implementation of this principle are Elvial aluminum roller shutters.

Their technical excellence and aesthetic perfection are the result of a visual impression of old wooden shutters on a modern aluminum construction. Personalisation options are numerous, whether you choose stable or mobile shutters or shutters with French opening.

We highlight some of the features of this premium product:

  • The system has two types of frames, simple and additional
  • Filling the casements is done with blind slats, fixed shutters or movable Venitian blinds
  • It is possible to install all types of shutters: with double panels to multiple panels
  • High additional security of the casement inside the wall
  • There are a number of special decorative profiles that will fulfil all aesthetic requirements.


PVC roller shutters

PVC roller shutters from our workshop are a good example of how an effective solution can be the one that above all makes a fantastic visual impression. With a careful selection we managed to reconcile the functional aspect of the product with all the potential aesthetic requirements of any modern home. The efficiency of flexible aesthetics is what makes our PVC roller shutters different from our competition. Check out numerous possibilities of our models.